Solar and Lighting Solutions

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A house that’s always on

You come home after a hard day’s work and switch on the fan to get some cool air, but the power has gone out. Worse, the current has been gone since morning and the tank is low on water. Now imagine you never have to rely on the whims of the power board and could generate your own electricity, giving you freedom from rising bills and erratic power outages. There is a way to do this, and it’s right outside your window - make “electricity” from the sun.

A home-grown solution to limited resources

Our energy sources will last another fifty years. In India, where supply of electric power is tied to hydro-thermal projects which are at the mercy of rains, or coal, a highly polluting energy source, producing solar energy can save on a huge amount of transmission losses to transport power from sub-stations and reduces the burden on power generation in the country.

Clean solution

Solar energy is clean and highly efficient. More and more companies worldwide are jumping on the bandwagon, including tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s TESLA which has come up with elegant and futuristic solar solutions.

How can we help?

Solar for Residence

100 VA solar power panel for an individual residence runs a ceiling fan and two tubelights on DC power for eight hours, independent of the power grid.

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Solar for Business

A road-side shop could install the system at a cost of Rs. 30,000 and forget power bills for the next 25 years.

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Off-Grid Solar

The solar power generated charges the battery bank. This energy is used to power the building.

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On-Grid Solar

The solar power generated is connected to the utility grid. The excess power generated is pumped to the grid. The utility company adjusts the bill accordingly.

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- Complete power solutions for small to medium residential and commercial establishments.
- Ranging from a 2KVA system (10 units a day) to 10 KVA (50 units a day).

Other Products:

Solar Panels

100 VA | 250 VA

Solar Charge Controllers

10 A | 20 A

Sine-Wave Inverters

1100 VA | 1600 VA

On Grid Inverters

2000 VA | 3000 VA |
5000 VA | 20000 VA

Panel Lights

12 W | 18 W

Street Lights

10 W | 20 W

Completed Projects

2kW ongrid solar panel installation at Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode.

3kVA ongrid + 2kVA offgrid project in a commercial building at Paropadi, Kozhikode.

1kW ongrid installation at Pookaladavu, Kozhikode.

3kW ongrid installation in a double storeyed residence in Beypore, Kozhikode.